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Solution Surfers | Scott D. Miller

Scott D. Miller

Researcher, trainer, writer, founder of the International Center for Clinical Excellence

Solution Surfers | Haesun Moon

Haesun Moon

Researcher, Speaker, Educator, Executive Coach, and Author, Executive Director of Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

Solution Surfers | Chris Iveson

Chris Iveson

Therapist, coach, consultant or teacher, co-founder of BRIEF London

Solution Surfers | Ben Furman

Ben Furman

Psychotherapist, psychiatrist, coach, OD consultant and Director at Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute

Solution Surfers | Harry Korman

Harry Korman

Therapist, coach, trainer of coaches, teacher, researcher, writer, co-founder of BRIEF

Solution Surfers | Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier

Co- Founder and Owner of Solutionsurfers®

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