Workshop of Surprises

with Peter Szabo (MCC) and Natalia Kallay (MCC)


We invite coaches for our workshop in a year when we could all experience how hard it is to think about the future and talk about our hopes, and when only two things remained solid: the loss of control and facing the uncertainty of the future on a daily basis. To top it, if we zoom out of the reality of our Covid-influenced daily life, what we see is that scientific evidence shows: “if we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” (Sir David Attenborough)

Given the reality of that, how can a coach partner up in a co-creating process with his/her client? How can s/he be present, while building a safe and supportive environment for a thought-provoking and creative process, which inspires clients to bring the best out of themselves both professionally and personally?

All that being said, we invite you kindly to our Workshop of Surprises.

The workshop will be useful for you, if you, as a coach, a leader, a consultant or someone who use professional communication at work wish to

  • make progress with your own questions and see possibilites emerging from your very practice through the things you master
  • continuously improve your coaching practice with stuff that is tailored for you
  • exceed your best hopes about your professional expectations with your practice
  • put your best in your learning supported by the endless trust and best hopes of two MCCs


Date:  23th, November, 2020; 9:00am – 5:00pm CET

Number of training hours: 4×90 minutes

Venue: online (Zoom)

ACSTH: 7 points

Pricing:  300 EUR
or with 20% percent discount for members of the Solutionsurfers Alumni International:
240 EUR



Application for Workshop of Surprises

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*if you have problems with the application, email us at webshop@solutionsurfers.hu

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About Us

Solutionsurfers offers a proven alternative to mainstream consulting, training facilitation and coaching solutions. In a nutshell, brief coaching is an energizing approach that is goal-focused, powerful, practical and most importantly creates impact within a short timeframe!

In Hungary, a series of workshops are available on brief coaching and its applications in English, so that

  • practitioners of the region can learn from internationally acknowledged players
  • all colleagues have a good reason to enjoy Budapest, this great city (we try our best to put English language courses next to a weekend)

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Solutionsurfers Hungary is a publisher of Solution Focused books as well.

Our best hope about this is that employees in organizations, leaders, coaches and advisors are going to find attractive examples, as well as be inspired by the lightness and simplicity, variety and flexibility coming from the Solution Focused (SF) process.

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