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About Us


Solutionsurfers offers a proven alternative to mainstream consulting, training facilitation and coaching solutions. In a nutshell, brief coaching is an energizing approach that is goal-focused, powerful, practical and most importantly creating impact within a short timeframe!

In Hungary, a series of workshops are available on brief coaching and applications in English, so

  • practitioners from the region can learn from international great players
  • all colleagues have a good reason to enjoy Budapest, this great city (we give our best to put English language courses next to a weekend)
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Upcoming trainings

in english

Coaching like Momo

The training is an invitation to approach Michael Ende's amazing description from various angles through our practice.

Trainer: Peter Szabo (MCC)

Date: 28. 11. 2019.

Price: 330 EUR (20% off for Solutionsurfers Alumni worldwide)

Number of training days: 1

Venue: Adina Apartment Hotel, Budapest

CCE points: 7 ACSTH 

"What Momo was better at than anyone else was listening. Anyone can listen, you may say - what's so special about that ? - but you'd be wrong. Very few people know how to listen properly, and Momo's way of listening was quite unique. She listened in a way that made slow-witted people have flashes of inspiration. It wasn't that she actually said anything or asked questions that put such ideas into their heads. She simply sat there and listened with the utmost attention and sympathy, fixing them with her big, dark eyes, and they suddenly became aware of ideas whose existence they had never suspected. Momo could listen in such a way that worried and indecisive people knew their own minds from one moment to the next, or shy people felt suddenly confident and at ease, or downhearted people felt happy and hopeful. And if someone felt that his life had been an utter failure, and that he himself was only one among millions of wholly unimportant people who could be replaced as easily as broken windowpanes, he would go and pour out his heart to Momo. And, even as he spoke, he would come to realize by some mysterious means that he was absolutely wrong: that there was only one person like himself in the whole world, and that, consequently, he mattered to the world in his own particular way. Such was Momo's talent for listening."
Michael Ende

What little Momo does here is fascinating, exciting and not fully clear. The training is an invitation to approach Michael Ende’s amazing description from various angles through our practice.

  • What emerges in between the client and the coach in these situations? What becomes possible with a connection like this?
  • How do we compound as a coaches with “just” being present? How do we handle our own expectations? How can I connect with great and trustful openness?
  • If all this succeed what do I do then? How am I present (differently) in this? And how can I embrace these different type of sensors of mine?

We will walk on unknown grounds – together, curiously and in a safe environment. And in some way we will exactly know right now that mysterious thing knocing on our door.

We will experiment and play with the emerging opportunities. 

After the training day Peter will organise several 2-3 hours long discussion with those who want to harvest and reflect on their experiences. 


Solutionsurfers Hungary is a publisher of Solution Focus books, too.

The best hope about the book is that employees in organizations, leaders, coaches, advisors are going to find attractive examples as well as inspiration about the lightness and simplicity, variety and flexibility coming from solution focus (SF) process.

See and buy our Case Study Book on how Solution Focus supports people in organisations on the book website.